The Title IX Coordinator, Title IX Investigators, Decision Maker(s), Informal Resolution Facilitators, and Appellate Decision Maker(s) will receive robust training. At least eight (8) hours of training will be offered with additional training each subsequent year. Trainings are published on this Loyola Title IX website and maintained for seven years. While training will not be required of advisors, the University will offer advisor training at least once a semester. Trainings can be in person or online. Trainings may include information on trauma informed techniques, cross examination, and others involved in the process. Trainings will not be based on stereotypes or contain other bias. This page will be updated once a semester. If you are interested in a training that does not yet appear on this website, please contact


Title IX: An Introduction to the New Regulations

New Title IX Protection Against Sexual Assault

Due Process Protections Under the New Title IX Regulations

Conducting and Adjudicating Title IX Hearings

How to file a Complaint with the Office of Civil Rights

Title IX Team Training

Members of the Title IX Team receive training on their roles. Training materials for the Title IX Team are included below.

Title IX Team Training Materials:

Investigator Training

Investigator and Decision Maker Training

Title IX Coordinator to Title IX Coordinator