Reporting Requirements (Employees)

All University employees, other than counselors, pastors, or advocates and those employees legally regarded as confidential sources must bring reports of violations of Title IX, including sexual and gender-based harassment, assault and violence that they observe or learn about, immediately to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinator:

Dr. Dawn Broussard
Title IX Coordinator
Deputy Student Affairs Officer
(504) 864-7151


Failure to do so can result in discipline, up to immediate discharge.  

The employee must report all relevant details about the alleged policy violation, including the name of the alleged victim, the accused, any witnesses, and any other relevant facts, including the date, time, and specific location of the incident.  

Complainants may request confidentiality or anonymity, including that their name not be shared with the respondent, that the respondent not be notified of the report, or that no investigation occur. If the alleged victim wants to tell the mandatory reporter what happened, but also wants to maintain confidentiality or anonymity, the employee should tell the alleged victim that the University will consider the request but cannot guarantee confidentiality or anonymity. The employee should advise the alleged victim that the details of the incident will be disclosed only to those officials with a legitimate institutional interest in knowing the information. In reporting the details of the incident to the Title IX Coordinator or appropriate Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the employee will inform the Coordinator of the alleged victim's request for confidentiality or anonymity.